The Naive Submissive

As  I mentioned in my first blog, my introduction to the BDSM lifestyle came about by accident when I unknowingly tp’d into a BDSM sim named Stonehaven (SH).  Not to put to fine a point on my experience but my eyes were opened anew to a totally different lifestyle than my RL, which is the point of SL.  Although I could have been captured by anyone there at any time or worse caged, my curiosity drew me to the cage room.

Stonehaven (SH) became my BDSM school.  Somepeople call SH their playground, but I call it my classroom. It was there I learned what BDSM was and what it meant.  My first BDSM lesson did not quench my thirst for learning but rather propelled it into a ravenous hunger for more knowledge.

The following day after I landed in SH, I found a place in palces search called Roses and Pain (R&P) where I submitted to the first person I saw and we lived happily ever after. The end. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you. I did meet my first Mistress there but I did not submit to her until much later. 

When I landed in R&P, my eyes instantly fixed on this domme who’s persona radiated a cold, calm and commanding presence.  Her long black hair flowed down her back and appeared to be brushed lightly by a silver wand.  “Who better to learn about the whole D/s relationship than her?” I asked myself.  I approached her another domme slowly and silently as I tried to think of something more clever than just spew, “Will you teach me about BDSM?” 

Almost before I finished my thought, she looks at me and asks, “Are you lost girl?”  Obviously this caught me off guard.  I sputtered the most intelligent thing I could muster at the time, “What?”  Without waiting for my repl, ignoring me and turning to the other lady she asked, “Can you believe the nerve of this girl not even kneeling before us?”  Again, my intelligence stunned them as I mumbled, “Huh?”

How she knew I was a sub, when I did not even know, is beyond me. I was dressed in a freebie slut outfit that consisted of black, low-cut leather top and a pair of daisy-duke jean shorts that I got from some noobie sim for free. My hair was a short, blonde style like my RL hair. I tried to make Rayn as similar to me as possible with freebie clothes and hair and a cheap shape and skin. I change my hair and appearance a few times during my SL but for some unknown reason, I always went back to the one that looked most like me.

Tthe next thing I know she is handing me some Lockmeister cuffs and BDSM anims while ordering me in IM to put them on. Was I afraid? Definitely. Why? I have no idea. What is the worse that could possibly happen to you in SL? I’ll asnwer that in a later blog…probably many times over, but for now let’s get back to the story.  Not knowing what they were or what they could do, I made the mistake of asking questions. Questions that she was in no mood to answer.  She offered me options at that point. I could either put them on, sit on the pink pose ball in front of her or leave their presence.  I was not ready to run away with my tail between my legs just yet as I had not learned a thing today.  Keep in mind, this was before Restrained life viewer(RLV) and I did not know what the cuffs did, so I chose to sit on the pink pose ball. That night I received my first spanking and from that point forward I was hooked.  Not that I enjoyed the spanking (I do not remember the strength or endurance of the episode), but I enjoyed the anxiety that led up to the spanking (which I clearly deserved).  I can only compare what I felt to riding a rollar coaster in the dark.  You cannot see the path in which you are about to traverse. You do not know where it will lead you. You do not care bout the destination, all you want to do is kick back and enjoy the ride. I loved not knowing what to expect next. 

Here I was laying across the lap of one of the best dommes I would meet in SL, but I did not submit to Sinuna that night.  When she was done with me, she dumped me on the floor and without a word tp’d away.

I later learned what her name, Sinuna Falta, meant and why she chose it. She was not your average person, she was fluent in several languages. I took two years of Spanish in high school and did not even consider her name was Spanish for “without fault.” Maybe if I had understood that at the time I would have known how clever she was and paid her the proper respect (fear), but it is probably best I did not. I may have run away if I had known what I know now.  There is nothing more dangerous (and exciting) than a creative domme. This blog is dedicated to Sinuna and all the dommes who tried to train me in SL.


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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