BJ vs. Sinuna

OK so I lied. Sinuna gets 3 posts but only because she created the Rayn most people know and love (or hate). Who cares!  As I said before, Sinuna did not create the brat Rayn, that is me through and though, but she did help the  submissive Rayn evolve.  You can argue that the submissive side was always present inside me and that only she brought it out and you could be right. Who cares! You are missing the point after reading three posts on her. The woman is amazing! 

Of course all things have to end, as did my relationship with Sinuna.  She decided she wanted to start scripting and had less and less time for me.  Me being the brat that I am had to find something else to do with my time like caging random people (sorry DZ, sorry Alex).  I hung out at Stonehaven, Roissy, and various other bdsm sims. By this time I had gotten to know most of them and stayed away from the gorean ones.  I never submitted to a Master only Mistresses because men rule the real world and I was determined my SL would be different.

I met a lot of wonderful people at Roissy and will have to log about that later, but I need to write about one of the turning points in my SL. As I have stated before, I never really believed in SL love and certainly not SL marriages, but I met someone who changed my mind about the SL love thing. Her name was BettyJoe Nitely, affectionately called BJ by me and few others.  When I met BJ I literally fell on top of her and another girl names Resinosa Ember.  I am not sure how I landed there but I tp’d into a club where they were dancing and landed on top of BJ.  I apologized profusely.  I instantly clicked with BJ and they asked me to dance.  Resi was BJ’s protector at theh time as I was told, but as much as she tried she could not protect BJ from me. One of the things I deeply regret about my SL is hurting BJ the way that I did. No not that night. We’ll get to that later.

The same night I met BJ she asked me back to her place which was just behind the club.  I was amazed at her building skills and even more so by her generosity. She treated me like we had known each other for years. She asked me what my favorite flower was and the next time I saw her,  the entire yard by her house was covered with them.  She probably used up 100-200 prims in just that kind of flower alone.

After only seeing BJ once or twice, she had to take a week off from SL for a Christmas vacation which seemed like an eternity. In the mean time, Sinuna had only begun scripting and was still spending some time training me in BDSM but mostly roleplay (RP) including a love scene between me and her. All I can say about that is OMG!!! I do not intend to share any intimate moments in my posts, but if I was, I would spend an entire post on that one.  Instead I will choose to keep those moments for me to savor.

Eventually BJ returned and I found myself wanting to spend more time with her than Sinuna, and Sinuna didn’t seem to notice or care so I did. BJ and I became very close, very fast. I could stand around for hours watching her build. Through her, I met one of the best builers in SL Ezzy. I think Ezzy may have taught BJ some of his tips. Ezzy is a mute polymorph, who I’ll admit, scared me a bit when I first met him (may have been because he took my soul the first time I met him), but more about Ezzy later. The point is I had two wonderful builders who could have taught me tons about building, but I did not have the time nor inclination to learn.

A little more time passed and BJ told me that she loved me. I was at a loss for words. I told her my feelings about that and the fact that I didn’t feel like we new each other well enough to even know that.  I was very stingy with my “I love you’s” back then.  Fortunately, the more I was around BJ, the more I could not help falling in love with her. You see, prior to meeting her I didn’t think it was possible to love someone in SL. BJ opened my mind and my heart to love. I quicly fell in love with the person behind the keyboard, so when she asked me to leave Sinuna and be hers, I agreed. I told BJ that I would talk to Sinuna and let her know as good subbies should, but BJ wanted it done sooner rather than later and so she requested a tp from Sinuna whom she had only met once before. BJ was brave: I’ll give her that. But was ensued was a full blown drama scene (which by the way Sinuna hates). Surprisingly, Sinuna did not get as upset as I thought she would and was even gracious after she IM’d me to tell BJ to get the f&*! out of there right now!  I tp’d to her expecting to be punished severely for disloyalty at the least but she surprised me by asking if this was what I wanted. With little time to truly think about what I was doing I nodded and said “yes.”  I know it was a little hard on her but I think it was also a relief, because at this point she was very involved with her scripting, and brats need attention that she could not give. We remained friends and in fact, she continued to call me Pet and I called her Mistress from time to time in IM. I was also very appreciative that she made it to my wedding.

My next blog, will be difficult for me as I intend to talk about BJ and our relationship in more detail.


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