The BJ Roller Coaster

I never knew what to expect with BJ and Resinosa.  They were very entertaining to say the least.  BJ in particular kept me on my toes, and there was never a dull moment when she was around.  BJ was a hot-tempered redhead who somehow became even cuter, at least to me, when her temper would flare.  I’ll never forget the first time I realized she was the jealous type.  BJ found out that I was still in contact with Sinuna and blew a gasket. At this point in time, I truly did not know how she felt about Sinuna but I quickly learned.  She was very jealous of Sinuna and ordered me not to have any contact with her. By this time I had submitted to BJ, but she would even admit she had no experience with domming but that was the first order she gave me.  She also collared me with a collar that allowed her to track my movement. What sims I had been to and even who I talked to if she wanted. I don’t think she ever monitored my chat, but at that point I didn’t care if she did. I would have done anything for her. She even bought me a Chastity Belt (CB) that she could control including shocking which comes standard with any good CB in SL. 

BJ was mostly on during the day and I was mostly on at night. I could see her during my lunch hour and maybe an hour after I got home but for the most part in the evening I was free to raom and get into trouble. One night, I was in Stonehaven and noticed a ponygirl had left her keys out. I took her keys and locked her up. The person I thought was her Mistress pops up shortly after and takes the keys to my cuffs. Little did I know at the time that these two people would have a huge impact on my SL later on. They were Peyote Short and YarTelling (Yar was going by a different name at the time).  My timing could not have been worse, as BJ happened to log on that night which was unusual for her.  She tp’s to my location and here I am with Pey’s keys in hands and Yar has gone off somewhere with mine. BJ notices right away that she can not manipulate my restraints and becomes irate. All I could say was “Yes Mistress” and “Sorry Mistress.”  I seriously thought at that moment my life with BJ was over but somehow Yar managed to calm her. I gave Pey’s keys back (which BJ notice and just exacerbated the situation) and Yar gave mine back. Yar made up some excuse about Pey being naughty and giving me her keys which was within the realm of possibilities since Pey was a bondage slut at the time. Sorry Pey but you were. *giggles*

BJ and I tp back to her place where she shocks the hell out of me for what seemed like hours of interrogation.  She also applied some teasing while withholding pleasure torture techniques.  I thanked Yar in IM for what she did for me then I didn’t hear from her again for awhile.

I believe this incident sparked a change in my wants and needs in SL and also opened BJ’s eyes to the fact that I was going to play when she was not around. In my defense she never said I couldn’t.

A few weeks after I met Yar and Pey, Yar had landed herself in jail and BJ thought it would be a good idea to visit her. At this time in my SL, my brattiness was out of control and well, I got banned from Ghul (the prison where Yar was held for making a guard sit like a female. I am still not sure how I did it). Somehow BJ managed to get Yar released to her custody and Yar became our pet. I was a little concerned that BJ would grow closer to Yar and forget about me, but Yar wasn’t around much after that. In fact she was only around for a few days before she bailed without saying a word. Before she disappeared she got me started doing the black hole quest which was exciting but also pushed my bdsm limits to the max.

To be honest I don’t think BJ was ever happy about me doing the quest, although she tried to be supportive of my activities. I was on the next to last level of the quest when the CaKa (inside joke) hit the fan between BJ and me.  Each level of the quest you had to complete certain submissive missions to advance to the next level. I asked Pey to help me with one. She had become quite the domme by this time and I was amazed at how dfferent she had bcome. When she was a submissive I would say that she was a push-over, but as a domme she was quite the opposite as all good domme’s should be. Anyway she was showing me the Mar’s ring which was new to me at the time and showing me some of the features. She locked it on and during the demonstration she crashed and didn’t come back. I didn’t think much of it and went about my business as usual. The next day, I saw BJ and we went to a club to see her friend Abby dance. In the back part of the club there was a vendor area with hardly anybody around. I guess in order to spice up our relationship BJ started RP us making love in public. It was both one of the most exciting nights in SL but also one of the worse. When we were finished, BJ noticed the ring and ordered me to take it off. You see the ring meant nothing to me but meant a lot to BJ. BJ had proposed to me, and I told her I did not believe in SL marriage.  When she saw the ring, I am sure all kinds of things went through her mind. I tried to remove the ring but it was locked and I was using Restrained life viewer. I even relogged with SL viewer but in my haste I actually relogged with RLV again. BJ didn’t stick around to let me explain. She just logged.

The next day we talked and tried to work things out but I had hurt her too badly. We remained friends and I had hopes of us getting back together for a long time, but it was never to be. 

A few weeks after BJ and I broke up a chance happening took my SL in another direction….


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