My Favorite Little Enemy: Fawn

As you recall from my previous posts, I frequently hung out at Stonehaven. My favorite pastime was caging random people who had the unfortunate circumstance to land in my crosshairs. This is how I met most of my closest friends (DZ, Alex, Shae, Yar).  On an occassion some of them would surprise me by voting for my freedom when I happened to be on the wrong side of the voting cage (Shibari). 

One day I was up on the castle at Stonehaven (with Alex I think), when I see a person rez in on top of the arch. I took this opportunity to shoot them with a cage. Much to my surprise as I got closer I realized I had caged Fawn Lovencraft, my favorite worse enemy. I immediately removed the cage and ran. I had already had several run-ins with her and I usually ended up on the bad side of the cage. In fact the first time I met Fawn she stripped me, tickled me in front of everyone at Stonehaven and caged me. For lack of a better word, I freaked out, I did not like cages at this point in my SL.  If you knew me toward the end of my SL you might find that hilarious since I could spend months in cages and have.  However, at this point in time only a few minutes in a cage seemed like hours.  Finally after me jumping and flying around like a caged, rabid bird, Fawn released me. I quickly ran away.

There was one cage at Stonehaven that I did try all on my own which was a puzzle cage.  You had to guess the PIN number to get out and it told you whether or not you had any numbers right in your guesses. Depending on the difficulty level, it would tell you if it was in the right place. The first time I tried this cage I figured out the trick and was able to beat it on its most difficult level in less than 10 minutes.

One night I took BJ to Stonehaven to show her the cage and out of nowhere comes Fawn and her Mistress, Yasmin Heartsdale. OK, if I thought Fawn was the child of pure evil, in my mind Yasmin was the devil herself.  I yelled at BJ to get in the cage with me but she did not know what was happening. She just stood there as I ran into the cage.  BJ didn’t make it inside the cage before the door closed automatically. BJ thought that Fawn had locked me in and was yelling and screaming at Fawn and Yasmin to release me. Fawn calmly tries to explain to her that she can’t only I can.  After some petty bantor back and forth between BJ and Yasmin in IM and Fawn and BJ in IM, I got free and BJ was banned from Stonehaven. I am not sure if I was banned or not.  Looking back on it I can’t help but giggle to myself. Fawn unbanned us like 5 minutes later, but it was kind of funny how the person I thought was cruel and evil showed me her softer side that night. I still teased both her and Yasmin about being evil, and even plotted revenge against them with BJ (that is another story for another day), but all in all it was the most fun I had in Sl to that point.

I would meet these two again later and of course circumstances will unfold that will take my SL in yet another direction.


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