My first Kidnapping

I pretty much ran into Fawn just about every time I tp’d to Stonehaven. I should have been smarter considering she was a warden there. How she found me within seconds of landing there I had no clue.  The few times I managed to see her first, I checked to see if her keys to her restraints were in, for HER safety of course.  I learned that if you are going to attempt to take someone else’s keys, you should make sure yours are in…all of them.  Being the paranoid subbie that I am and not liking cages all that much, I always checked my keys before I even left for Stonehaven. Unfortunately, I did not always remember to check the ones that are invisible when not in use…such as my gag. One such day in which I was being particularly bratty, Fawn noticed immediately the key to my gag was on. She immediately locked my gag and I knew I was in deep trouble since I had just been particularly bratty to her moments before.  The next indication I had that I was in big trouble was when she flew me to the top of a tower where I was out of yelling range .  She leashed me to the post on top of the tower by my gag and left me.  I figured she was just going to leave me there until I cheated out or got someone to free me.  At this time I did not know what a Real Key (RK) was nor did I have one. A RK is basically a skeloton key that you give to someone you trust so they can free you if ever you are locked up by someone you don’t trust and need to get free.  I think they were invented to protect people like me from people like Fawn and Yasmin.  I was thinking I was pretty much screwed at this point.  Keep in mind, I had never been tied or caged for long periods of time at this point in my SL, and was not really comfortable with being made immobile.  Just when I thought I would have to cheat out, she came back and freed me. Her ass was bright red except for the parts that were black and blue. She told me that if I ever disrespected her again, she would make sure her goddess did the same to me.  That was enough of a warning that I stopped being bratty to her, for the rest of that day anyway.

Many weeks later, after BJ and I broke up and after the keypad cage incident, I was roaming around Stonehaven keeping myself out of trouble as usual when I happened to pass Fawn’s Mistress also known as goddess Yasmin Heartsdale.  I do not recall what I said to her or what she said to me at that point in time, but as she took my ankle key and I heard my brand new shackles close and lock, everything I had ever said to her and Fawn came flooding back to mind. 

There was an incident where Yasmin was standing by the picture wall at SH and she asked me what I saw when I looked into her eyes. I said something sarcsatic like, “pure evil,” and she flitted off. Perhaps I had hurt her feelings but I didn’t think much about it at the time, but for some reason when I heard the steel shackles lock, I remembered that incident and I knew I was in big trouble. Then she made a comment about me wanting to get caught since I left my ankle key out. I was offended. Caught by her? Pffft. The truth is I was scared to death of her and Fawn, and always double-checked and triple-checked all my keys when frequenting SH.  Obviously, I had not done that this time so maybe subconsciously there was some truth to her comment.

The next thing I know she tp’s off with my ankle key still in hand. Moments later she sends me a tp request. This was before force-tp was invented, so I debated for a short time on whether or not I should take it. I knew she was still in Stonhaven, and being very familiar with Stonehaven I felt somewhat safe so I took the tp. I land at her house in Stonehaven and she immediately strips me and asks for my other keys. What was I going to say at this point? No? The thought never crossed my mind. Being the obedient subbie who never causes any kind of trouble, (*insert eyeroll here*) I complied with her request and handed over all my other keys.

Like woman on a mission, she took me directly into the house and posted my leash to the wall. Yeah I knew I was not going anywhere any time soon.  She said something about me being the perfect gift for Fawn.  “Oh, but she wont be on until tomorrow. Chow.”  If I thought I was in trouble before, I certainly knew I was in big trouble now. The first person I IM is the last person I ever thought I would IM, Yar Telling (but going by yet anohter name at the time). Our converstaion went something like this:

Me: OMG OMG I am dead. I am so dead. Yasmin got my keys and is going to give them to Fawn.

Yar: Which key did she get?

Me: Initially, my ankle key.

Yar: Huh? What do you mean?

Me: She has ALL of them! I am so screwed.

Yar: How long are you going to be locked up?

Me: Probably forever knowing them. I was pretty mean to Fawn.

Yar: Not good. I have heard things about those two. I hope you like long times in bondage.

Me: Eeek!!! You are kidding right?        RIGHT?!?!

To be continued……


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One Response to My first Kidnapping

  1. yartelling says:

    Honistly I had never heard anything really about fawn before. Scared you though didnt I?:P

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