The Kidnapping Part 2

The next day when I logged in, I was in a daze thinking that the previous day’s activiteis were just a bad dream. I became delirious and for a moment I had convinced myself that I was free, until I heard Shibari state plainly, “The package has arrived.” Somehow I knew she was referring to me.

What I didn’t know was what a good friend she would become, and how much I would care for her. I would learn later on that Shibari Hobble, was as sweet as she was clever. She was one of those rare people in SL that I could take at face value. No games! No drama! At this time she was married to Yasmin so I assumed she must be evil as well. She certainly has her evil moments, but she has her tender loving ones as well. In fact, it was not until after she left the Brat Pack that I realized what a true treasure she truly is. (No, literally I found her in treasure chest and freed her. Well I didn’t exactly free her right away but after a little bit of teasing and tuanting I did free her). The night of the treasure chest incident was the first time we truly had a heart to heart and I think that is when I began to fully appreciate her friendship.  I also learned that Shi likes for you to sing Def Leppard songs to her really loudly and way off key.

Of course Shibari deserves her own post but for now back to our story. I logged in chained to the wall and still as naked as I was on my rez day. Scared and vulnerable, I didn’t want anyone to see me or talk to me because I was afraid torture would ensue. Much to my horror there were at least a half dozen people out on the lawn. I could see their name tags floating around (again this was before the evil “feature” of RLV that blocked names). Much to my delight I had company. A poor girl named Samantha that I had met once or twice before when doing the quest. Yasmin had apparently been on a “shopping spree.” This was when I got the idea to call her “the collector,” which did not go over very well. Now that I think about it, none of the names I made for her ever went over very well, save one. Nope not going to tell you which one until later. If you know me or her, you already know which one. No, it was not Bratzilla (that was probably the worst one for which I paid the price, but alas I’ll have to save that story for another day as well).

I seriously thought that the entire motive for having me there was to torture me. So when Fawn logged in and came and got me I was amazed and relieved that she didn’t tease me or taunt me. Instead she took me to a private place in SH called Warden’s Hall. In Warden’s hall there are a number of “play” items for the wardens to use including a big huge bed.  The enormous bed with all the sex poses was a bit intimidating at first. When I saw it, I thought for sure Fawn was going to rape me. I even IM’d Yar again to ask her what she thought I should do. At this time I was still not over BJ and still had hopes we would reconcile. (sleeping with the enemy didn’t seem like the way to do it). For some reason, I opened up to Yar about all of this and was surprised to see her hovering outside Warden’s Hall moments later. My guardian angel came and watched over me and reassured me that I was going to be OK. She of course was right. As we laid there and cuddled, I learned a lot about Fawn and the brat pack. I was amazed by how open and honest she was with me.  We talked about everything from her SL family to her feelings about her Mistress’ recent nuptials.  At that point I had the feeling that her intentions were not entirely evil and I let my guard down just a little….but ONLY a little.

Over the next few days (5 to be exact), I watched Fawn interact with her family and her friends. She kept me on a short leash and I found I liked being dragged around by her. I also found that the Brat Pack was not nearly as evil as I once thought they were. But you can bet I still would not have wanted to cross them. I also learned I could deal with being tied and gagged for long periods of time. In fact it was the brat pack that stretched all of my limits and enabled me to do things I never thought possible. Yar was particularly instrumental in pushing my limits although she was not a member of the Brat Pack at this time. Although Yar and my friendship grew, I still had trust issues with her at this time. I was also very confused about the feelings I had for Fawn during my time in captivity.


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