Stockholm Syndrome

During my time in captivity, each day I waited for the torture session to begin, but instead Fawn treated me like her Pet. And each day I grew more fond of her, and gradually started trusting someone again. In fact on the very first day she told me she was going to keep me until Tuesday. She said she was only going to ask me once if I was OK being there with her until then. Without thinking, I told her it would be my honor to be her guest until Tuesday. Each day she revealed a little more of herself to me, slowly breaking down my perception of her.  I was more confused than ever. Could it be? Was I wrong about Fawn being evil?  Many questions floated around in my mind at this time.  Was I falling for her?  All that I knew was backwards and wrong!  My whole world was upside down.  If Fawn is not evil then that means Yasmin might not be either. Nah! She was about as evil as they come. I had to cling to some part of my previous reality.

The day of torture finally came on my last day with them. Fawn had set up a spank Rayn Day at Stonehaven.  I was extremely nervous about a scene that was meant to last all day.  To make matters worse, I told Fawn I would be there at 9:00am as in 9am SLT. She thought I meant 9 EST. Everyone was at SH waiting for me.  When I finally did log in at 9 SLT Fawn seemed disappointed that I had not been there at 9 EST becuase apparently there were a lot of people in SH that I had been bratty to and were wanting to spank me.  Some of them left before I got there, but believe me when I say, there were still plenty left who took their revenge. This may sound odd to those of you who are not into bdsm but that day showed me how much Fawn cared about me. SHe went through a lot of trouble to set the spank day up.

True to her word, Fawn released me that day and I finally had my freedom after being tied for the longest amount of time ever.  You would think that I would have been happy, but I was actually more confused than ever.  Part of me wanted to submit to Fawn that day, but the cautious part of me thought if I just waited it out the feeling would pass and I would be a free bird again. 

Much to my surprise, Fawn invited me to go shopping with her the next day. In fact the entire next week, we spent some time together each day, continuing to get to know one another. Finally after a week of confusion and talking to pretty much every true friend I had in SL who all said I should submit to her (including BJ), I asked Fawn if she would be my Mistress at least on a trial basis. She talked to her Mistress and her Pet Lorissa who became my sister, and they agreed to let me come into the family.

Wow a family in SL. That is something I never expected or sought after but then once I had it, I did not want to see it go. More importantly, I did not want to see the family break up.  Unfortunately, only short time after that it did. Shibari and Yasmin broke up and Mistress also lost another sister all within 2 days, but that story comes after Yar’s collaring. Yes, finally Yar and I come together, kind of sort of…..


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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