Yasmin and Life as a GrandBrat

When I found out that Yar was on trial to become the next Brat, I thought Yasmin was out of her mind.  I suspected Yar would only be around for a couple of days before she bailed on Yasmin like she bailed on BJ and me. I was especially surprised that Yar stuck around as long as she did considering her trial consisted of 3 weeks in a cage. I did not know at that time she had created yet another alt, nor did I really care I didn’t really pay much attention to her back then.  I should have ignored her completely, but unfortunately I touched her capsule door one day early in her trial period when I was tied up and bored and well it was not locked. It opened and I think we both freaked. I couldn’t close it and lock it back or Yasmin would have known I had been messing with it. I don’t recall if I confessed or Sam or Yar tattled but that little touch got me one hell of a spanking. *sighs*

 I wish I could say that was the last one but as you know I am a brat and can’t help myelf stay out of trouble.  There was a time when I had been particularly rude to one of Yasmin’s Brat’s named Sam.  I knew I was in toruble and was avoiding her like the plague.  One day I get an IM from DZ that is blocked. Thinking he is in distress and needs help, I request a tp. When you send a tp request while gagged the location is blocked as was the case this time.  I take DZ’s tp and land smack dab in the middle of Yasmin, Dio and a few other people on Brat island.  Before I could tp away, Yasmin has me stripped, leaashed and in the spanking position. She ordered Dio (another Brat) to spank me 100 times and had to start over if I messed up the count or did not use varying case to say “I love my GrandMistress.” with each stroke. I ended up getting 175 total. *rubs her ass* I still have the scars to prove it. The only good thing that came from that incident was that I met my very good friend LayLady Lay (also known as Jen).  How frightened she must have been seeing her new Mistress wailing on someone like that. Somehow we both lived.

I should probably explain the whole GrandMistress thing. It was a word I made up to refer to Yasmin (my Mistress’ Mistress) because I did not want to call her goddess for personal reasons.  I think I was trying to make her feel old by calling her GrandMistress, but suprisingly she liked it enough to call me GrandBrat. All other brats and grandbrats called her “Goddess,” so I felt special that I got to have a different special name for her.

My relationship with GrandMistress was quite complicated.  Even after I became her grandbrat I still had mixed feelings about her.  Although I knew she was a softy at heart, at times I felt she was slightly cold-hearted and often wondered if she truly care about her subs. I was probably more critical of her than she deserved, because she was never once unkind to me even when I was particularly bratty, or confrontational.  The truth is I loved her but at the same time would let myself get angry at her every time she would release a sub. 1) it was not any of my business 2) who was I to judge her?

In spite of all of this, she not only put up with me but also did many wonderful things for Yar and me. But mostly she looked after me and tried to keep me straight when Mistress Fawn told us she would be gone to RL and wouldn’t be on much anymore. During that time, GrandMistress and I grew closer, but not until after the splitting of the Brat Pack and a caging incident that would not only change how I viewed her but also soften my heart toward Yar again.

One thing I have learned is you can’t choose family, but you can meet someone you love like family. They are the ones you have when things get tough and no one else is around! -Kayce


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