A Proposal, a Wedding, and a Prison

In the beginning of the summer, sightings of my Mistress became more and more scarce and I leaned on my friends more heavily to get me though her absence. One in particular was always there for me, yes it was Yar. She totally and completely caught me off guard one night as she tp’d me to SH and proceeded to bow down on one knee and propose to me. I was at a loss for words. I didn’t really believe in SL marriages, and was certain as soon as I said Yes that she would suddenly lose interest in me. Yes my RL feelings about relationships transferred into my behavior in SL.  I had trust issues in relationships stemming from my RL Dad leaving us when we were small children.  My mentality was always leave before you got left until I met my RL hubby. Needless to say, I had many issues with commitment stemming from RL experiences as well as my previous interactions with Yar and my SL Mistresses. I couldn’t keep any of them for very long. So I hesitated giving Yar my answer to her proposal until a week later. At this time in my SL I was dancing for a living in SL. I made pretty good money in tips until I got fired for not showing up. I was a horrible employee because due to my bdsm lifestyle, I was usually locked up. It is hard to make it to work when you are tied up. I don’t blame Alex for firing me. He was my boss and a good friend.

Anyway, I chose to give Yar my answer as I was working one night as a dancer at Alex’s club. Shi, Pet and some of their sisters were there so I felt like I was surrounded by family. I suddenly felt the need to shout on the rooftop. “Yes Yar I would be overjoyed to have you as my wife!”

I wish I could say that at that point we set our date and everything was peachy from that point forward but it was not to be. RL circumstances caused me to postpone our wedding.  A week before Yar and I were to marry in SL my RL Dad died.  Although we were not close, I mean he abandoned us when we were kids, it is still kind of strange to think you will never have that opportunity for reconciliation. I had talked to him on the phone as an adult but it was mostly superficial. He told me that he loved me, but I was stingy with my “I love you’s” to him too.

I honestly did not think his death would affect me so deeply but it did. After all, I am a lot like him and his blood runs through me. I was in no mood to celebrate and I was an emotional train wreck at this time. I certainly did not feel like having a wedding. Yar was gracious and we postponed our wedding until July 7th. The wedding itstelf could not have gone better. GrandMistress was the officiator, and we had more friends show up than I thought we had. I was humbled by how many people showed up to celebrate with us including, my ex-mistress Sinuna.

During the reception, Yasmin tp’s us off to our honeymoon, her prison on brat island. We spent an entire week together, it was a honeymoon bliss. We talked and cuddled mostly and learned more about each other in that week than we probably did the entire time previously. Life was good.

After our honeymoon we rented a four-story building that we were very proud of. Turned out that we didn’t really spend that much time there though. In fact we weren’t married for very long and I did something bratty to GrandMistress (don’t recall what..oh yes left traps all over the island set only to spring on her) so Yar has this idea to lock me up in a prison. Yasmin suggest a place called Sadism. I certainly didn’t think that sounded good. Yar takes me there, has me locked up and leaves me. The security in this place was almost non-exisistent. Apparently, anyone can unlock the cell as long as it is not the prisoner. I saw a friend from SH named Tania and told he to try the door. Much to both of us surprise it opens and I walk free.

Being dumb and naive, I instantly go back to SH where Yar and Yasmin are to gloat about being free already. For some reason Yar was determined to lock me up so she talks to Shi and has me taken to Pandora’s Box where Shi is a guard.  Pandora’s definitely has more security than the other prison and I instantly know I am in big trouble when I arrive. Shi warned me beofre we even got there that she had to inprocess me the same as she would any prisoner, and to ignore anything harsh or mean she would have to do or say. I pretend to be OK but secretly I was freaking out.

When you arrive at Pandora’s there is a door that opens every 5 minutes. Once you walk down that ramp, there is no turning back. With a short glance back at my wife I proceed as told down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp is another door that the warden’s control. Shi is standing on the other side in her guard uniform which is intimidating in and of itself. Her uniform consisted of a black latex Pandora’s outfit, a utitility belt and a whip. As I walk through the cage door and hear the gate close behind me, I am thinking I am in BIG trouble. The naked prisoners have already started gathering around and shouting things like “fresh meat.” I could almost see the drool running down their chins.

Next thing I know the floor drops out from underneath me and I am standing in the pit.  The pit is where the warden’s strip you, perform a cavity search, and issue you your prison uniform which does not consist of clothing only cuffs. Luckily for me Shi skipped the body cavity search, thank God. I would go through enough of my own trials while there, but none of those would compare to the trials Yar and I would go through when I got out.


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  1. yartelling says:

    Nope it was Goddess choise..

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