Pandora’s Box

So here I am fresh fish in the “worst prison” in SL. To be honest after the initial in-processing, I hardly saw Shi after that point and RP with most of the other guards was boring and scarce so I tried to cuase trouble. Apparently, the prison did not take too kindly to trouble makers and I spent most of my time in iso (isolation) or hogtied and gagged in my cell. 

I did meet a few guards that were interesting, and some that were just down right strange.  Miss Suzy Honi was especially interesting to me. She ran the club and if you dance in the club you could earn time off for good behaviour. I should probably mention that my sentence was 10 days but it might as well have been 10 years because I still did not care for cages all that much.

I gradually started getting use to them though thanks to Yasmin and her new wife Lady Tey. You see I have this one friend DZ who I kind help out form time time to time. On more than one occasion I would free him with his RK after Lady Tey had me tied and leashed and forced into girl clothing, shape and skin.  I felt bad for him and freed him. Big mistake! Lady Tey cuaght me and tied me up and locked me in a capsule at GrandMistress’ house in SH.  During my time there I became close firends with a friend of the family named Munsta (Mun). He hung out day and night with me while I was locked in the capsule. There was another piece of Yasmin’s collection going through trial at the time named Illandere (Illy) that I could talk to which helped. I also made the mistake of struggling out of my gag while locked up there. I found out quickly how much Yasmin hated struggling. She of course notices right away when she comes up there and asks me what happened to my gag. When I tell her I struggled out she almost went through the roof. She threatened to have me buried some place in isolation where Yar would never find me if I ever struggled out of any restraint she or any another member of the Brat pack locks. I believed her too.

Anyway, back to life at Pandora’s. I met another warden there who I truly hated named Jojo. She was strange to say the least. She liked to make prisoner’s lick her boots which was the strangest thing to me. I also learned that she had at one time asked Mistress Fawn to submit to her. Anyway, she was not all that interesting but her sub who was also a warden at Pandora’s was. Her name was Toreador (Miss Tori). After I left Pandora’s, we would become close but during my stay at Pandora’s she thought I was just another trouble maker. Indeed I was. My first night there, another prisoner says in IM they are getting married and that we had permission to come with her to her wedding.  Again, being dumb and naive I took the tp right out of prison. It was the strangest wedding I have ever participated in. Someone who was suppose to lead the wedding said they would not because this prisoner “friend” of mine was actually a 15 yr old male in RL. I returned to the prison, walking down the ramp and boom instant interrogation ensues. Miss Tori and Miss Suzy Baran (another guard) start grilling us on where we were and why we left. They could have banned us both at this point for breaking the rules. I explained my side to Miss Suzy in IM and also told her I thought the other prisoner was a 15 yr old boy. Since he was in more trouble than me, they just hogtied me and locked me in my cell and said I couldn’t come out for 24 hours. Didn’t care it was boring anyway and spent most of my time in IM’s with DZ and Mun anyway.

Then there was the time I was trying to instigate a riot, and Miss Tori was trying to figure out who was the planner. She whipped every prisoner present at the time. She was so mad when she found out it was me after she had whipped everyone. *giggles* Good times. But good times were few and far between. Luckily I had a partner in crime… I missed that girl when I finally left Pandora’s.

I sort of burned some bridges when I left Pandora’s which I would rather not talk about, but harder trials were to come once I was free. You see, while I was in Pandora’s, my wife Yar was basically going on with her SL and I resented her putting me in there. I was also a little peeved at Yasmin at the time as well. I was pretty sure she had given Yar a direct order to imprison me so she could spend more time with Yar.

When I got out of Pandora’s all I did was treat Yar like CaKa and was not all that nice to Yasmin either, I will admit.  In fact that was the one and only time in our SL marriage that I didn’t think we were going to make it, and it was 100% my fault.  Yar and I fought about everything. She basically couldn’t do anything right. Yasmin even noticed although Iwas not around her at all during that time. She said whatever was going on that was making us fight to end it.  So one night on the rooftop of our house I told Yar I was stepping aside that she could have Yasmin and I would be there to pick up the pieces when she got hurt.  I thought she would jump on the opportunity but she completely and totally surprised me by not letting me go.  I felt like I was in the way and almost lost two of the most important people to me in my SL at the time. I was so wrong many times over about Yar and Yasmin in my SL. I don’t really regret it, because regret does not change the past but the past can change you, and in this case it changed me for the better. I came out of that situation loving them both more than ever. I think it was right after that I actually told Yasmin I loved her and meant it for the first time.


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