The Chase

When I found out that Shi and Pet were gone I was devastated. I did not ask what happened, and I had no idea what was going to happen to the Brat Pack. To make matters worse Mistress Fawn wasn’t around any more. I didn’t know what to think. Still not feeling comfortable in my place in the pack, I did not want to deal with the drama of it all, so I logged dazed of confused.

Time passed, maybe weeks, when I log in at GrandMistress’ house at SH.  She was sitting in her chair and I greeted her as normal. She doesn’t say a word and Yar informs me she is afk. Going afk in SH is dangerous but it is even more dangerous to cage your afk GrandMistress so I would learn.  It is just plain dumb to cage your GrandMistress when she is afk at a place where she has ADMIN rights, meaning she can return anything and she has access to all your keys.  Yar and I obviously did not think about this at the time, and Yar builds a cage and gives it to me. I place it over the chair where GrandMistress was sitting. When she came back, before removing the hideous cage, she looks and sees my name on it as owner and Yar’s as creator. 

To say it went over like a turd in a punch bowl is putting it mildly. She cuffed us both and tp’d us to Brat island.  Once there she caged us both IN THE SAME CAGE which was appropriately a padded cell. She Locked us both in the hogtie position and had environment blocked on Yar. She told us we had to figure out how to free each other.  I could not stand Yar at this time because of how badly she hurt BJ and because she had more alts than most people have underwear. Yeah, by this time she had so many alts she could change avatars as often as most people change their underwear. I was so mad at this point. 1) I did not trust her at all. 2) She did not have a RKso how the hell was I suppose to free her? 3) I still hated cages.  Yes it was a good thing it was a padded cell because we were at each other’s throats.

Hours later, GrandMistress comes back and is amazed we are still caged which only added to my frustration. She told us that she would set us free but with strings attached of course. Little did we know that her ultimatum would seal our fate but in a good way.  The ultimatum: we had to attempt to cage her, and if we succeeded we would get her keys, but any failures would result in serious repercussions. 

We attempted to cage her a few times and failed miserably, which resulted in being caged together hogtied, blindfolded, gagged and in mouselook (which we both hate). Being immobile and the verbal teasing, only frustrated us more and initially made us fight even worse. It was only after we came together and started working as a team that we managed to be successful. To be honest I think GrandMistres let us capture her because she was bored with our efforts, but doesn’t matter we finally got her caged in triplicate.

We knew of a skybox where I still had admin rights and we set up a cage where I would be tied and gagged.  Around the platform where the cage was located we had another trap, and upon landing I would  cage her again with Mysit. Oh and I also had set a proximity trap. Yes a bit of an overkill but getting her there would be difficult.

So here I am sitting in a cage that I owned, tied and gagged. I send GrandMistress the distress signal which is 3 blocked IMs. I knew she would come because I accidentally sent the distress signal to her before I knew it was the distress signal and she tp’d to my location. I send her the signal and she remarks…”This better not be some lame attempt to capture me.”  I think she knew she was tping into a trap but she came anyway.  She tp’s in and is caged by the proximity trap, a rudimentary trap Yar set up, and a mysti trap.  I figured she would jsut tp away but she stayed. I IM’d Yar and asked her now what? I had not thought any farther than trapping her, but Yar told me to get her keys. I ask her turn over keys and I would free her. She tells me NO. I ask Yar in IM, how can I make her give me her keys. Yes, I was a pure subbie back then with no inclination to dom. I was clueless. Before Yar can tell me, GM tells me all I had to do is ask nicely. So I asked again adding please and she turned her keys over.

I lock her up tight accidentally putting her in ML (which she apparently hates) and she tells me that for every minute she spends in ML, Yar and I would spend a day in a cage. I quickly learned how to navigate her menus and remove ML.

I removed all the cages as well and gave Yar her keys. In IM Yar is telling me she doesn’t want the keys, and I am telling her I don’t know what to do with them.  Neither one of us wanted to “dom” her. Finally, Yar stripped her and made her sit on a toy that basically had her hanging with legs spread.  Instead of domming her, Yar locks me up, and forces me to kneel in front of GM. Next, she forces me to pleasure GM, which is her way of domming GM without really domming her own Mistress. In the mean time I am yelling at Yar in IM that I can’t do this. She convinces me I can so I try to the best of my ability to pleasure GM without really knowing her likes or dislikes.  I think I bored her because during the whole time she is domming from the bottom.  I would later learn that my RP techniques were too “gentle” for her and later learned what her likes and dislikes were. Luckily I didn’t perform any of her dislikes, but I certainly did not ummmm lets just say I did not perform what I learned later was her favorite.

So here I am gently, pleasuring GM and Yar starts RPing teasing me.  I am not good at having more than one scene going at a time and was completely distracted by this. I think GM knew this and sent Yar off to find her sisters and bring them back. Truth be told she did this so I could focus. 

I was nervous as hell being left alone with her because I kept thinking at any given moment she would miraculously be free and the tables would turn.  To be honest I don’t know if she enjoyed any of it. Had I not been so damned nervous maybe I would have too.

Yar comes back a short time later and I had to log. Yar would tell me later that she dommed GM that night in the way she wanted.  I was somewhat relieved. I felt like I must have bored her out of her mind and she probably regretted ever giving me her keys.  Perhaps if I could have gotten past my own insecurities and the fact she was my Mistress’ Mistress, maybe I would have enjoyed our time together more.

At any rate, through this event, by working together as a team, Yar and I grew closer and closer and we finally got to know each other and we lived happily ever… AS IF…..


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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3 Responses to The Chase

  1. Yasmin Heartsdale says:

    You and Yar working together was my goal all along.

  2. Rayn Halfpint says:

    Yas: Just curious did you enjoy any of it?

  3. yartelling says:

    hehehe took use long enough.. And admit it Goddess you let us catch you didnt you?

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