The Devil: Yasmin Heartsdale

I am taking a break from telling my SL story to talk about some of my dearest friends in SL.  One friend that I have known for over a year now and has changed/enhanced/flipped upside down my SL many times over: Yasmin. 

She started out my enemy, became my kidnapper, then my GrandMistress, then my Goddess-in-law, and finally and most importantly a dear dear friend. For reasons I cannot explain, I was especially bratty/judgemental/rude and at times just plain mean to her. You know what she did? She loved me anyway. In spite of my faults, in spite of being critical of her, in spite of taking away time with her subs (particularly Yar and Fawn), in spite of me being down right disloyal at times, she never once disrespected me or criticized me or treated me like crap.  In fact the opposite was true.  In spite of making up a new name for her for every day of the week, she never called me anything other than Rayn, Hon, Grandbrat,or GB for short. 

But probably the most important thing she did for me while in SL (not even sure she knew when it happened) was bring Yar and I together. I can attribute every good thing that happened to me in SL to her.

What most people do not see or understand unless they really know her is that she works endlessly trying to make people happy and to give them what they want, sometimes at the expense of her own wants and needs.  She never asks for credit nor makes her actions known.  No, she works in private not wanting or needing acknowledgement.  She only wants those around her to have a good time.

There are no words to express how I feel about this woman, so I’ll just say this: Thanks, Yas for being you.  I love you!


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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5 Responses to The Devil: Yasmin Heartsdale

  1. Yasmin Heartsdale says:

    Your blogs are harder to read when this weird liquid pops up in my eyes.

    I love you too Rayn. I only wish we had danced more while you were in SL.

  2. raynhalfpint says:

    Yas: I don’t know if I could ever show you how much you touched my life. Some of the lessons I learned in SL have carried over into my RL and you played a huge part in that and I am eternally grateful. 🙂

  3. yartelling says:


  4. Shibari says:

    Ahh my lost Yasmin. What can I add except that she may indeed be the reason I am addicted to SL…

  5. raynhalfpint says:

    I have seen her change a lot since I first met her, or perhaps it was my perspective. At any rate, I meant everything I said.

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