DZ (a.k.a. Desiree Zoe)

One of my oldest and dearest friends in SL, is a cross-dressing, crazy, scripting, genius. I am very lucky to have him/her in my life.  I met DZ when s/he was traversing across the forest at the old Stonehaven island. I caged him/her from afar before s/he even knew what hit him/her. S/he hates it when I call him/her a he/she. *giggles* Of course me being the brat that I am, it only makes me want to do it more.

But seriously, DZ is the most loyal friend you could ask for. He has been there for me many times over. I have cried on his shoulder many times and he has never once told me to shut up. He just listens. Sometimes he offers advice but the best thing he has done for me is just listen.

His only fault is that he whines ALL the time about being tied or caged or gagged or “forced” to dress like a girl, all the while enjoying every minute of it. 

Then there was also the time I collared him. For like an entire month he belonged to me. 🙂  We both agreed it was not meant to be. Did I still cry? Hell yeah! I am an overly emotional girl. Geesh. We did however remain friends and I can’t tell you how much his friendship means to me. Of course it wouldn’t kill him to IM (email) me once in awhile.

Hmmm. I wonder who is his protector since I logged off SL for good. I am sure someone will take care of him. Oh maybe I should ask Lady Tey to watch after him for me. YES! That is the perfect idea. Love ya DZ!


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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3 Responses to DZ (a.k.a. Desiree Zoe)

  1. Yasmin Heartsdale says:

    DZ is one of the hottest women in SL.

  2. raynhalfpint says:

    S/he sure is!

  3. yartelling says:

    Dz is allot …1 she/he is a nun or preast. he is a she pretending to be a he who is a he in sl pretending to be a she. Yea im tired its late. Dz is nuts.. all im gona say

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