My Boss and Friend: Alex

One of the few male Avi’s in SL that I trust completely. Alex came into my SL just shortly after DZ and I think the first time I caged him I also caged DZ (for the second time).  I believe I made them both wear women’s panties with little red cherries on them. *giggles* In case you haven’t figured it out, I might have a little mean streak in me.

At any rate, Alex was one of my biggest confidants in SL.  He was always there to listen and to give me a hug, which I took advantage of many times.  Alex also became my boss beofre he had to fire me for not showing up. Yeah the jerk actually fired me! Just kidding about him being a jerk. I deserved it. I couldn’t show up to dance when I was locked/caged/tied and gagged.  If I have any regrets about my SL that I would actually change, it would be letting him down. In spite of all of that, Alex still remained one of my closest friends in SL.

If you have the privilege of knowing him, you have one of the best friends you could possibly have in all of SL.  If he is on your friend’s list, no need to worry about losing him as a friend. If he put up with me, *LOL* there is no way he won’t be there for you as well. If you look up the word “friend” in the dictionary, it will say: “a person you know well and regard with affection and trust”  and along side of it, there will be a picture of Alex there.


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4 Responses to My Boss and Friend: Alex

  1. You? A mean streak? Never Rayn. Don’t ever believe it.

    Oh, by the way, I think your picture will be there right next to Alex’s but that’s just my opinion. I didn’t know you nearly as long as Alex or DZ or Yar or … But you make quite an impression and in spite of the gruff exterior, your true nature shines through.

  2. Pan Swindlehurst says:

    Thank you from Alex for the wonderful write up on him.

    We have found each other again and are starting over again after finding we still need each other

  3. raynhalfpint says:

    That is wonderful news, Pan. MUUUAHHH to both of you!

  4. Shibari says:

    Alex is one of the rare males in SL that I would trust with anything. A true shining soul that I doubt knows how much I care for him.

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