Miss Dio and Jen

The first time I met Miss Diomita that I recall, she was whipping my a$$ as I talked about in earlier blogs becuase Yasmin told her to do it. 175 strokes later, I hated her and couldn’t have cared less if I ever saw her again. I interacted with her agian many times before I became her guest at Hotel California. I am still to this day unsure if she chose to kidnap me or was ordered to kidnap me, but she kept me for 3 weeks then gave me to Yasmin who kept me for another 2-3 weeks.

Hotel California woul dhave been miserable and boring if it was not Miss Dio that kept me there. I had no inventory, was gagged half the time, and the cell pretty much blocked everything. Luckily I had an exception script that allowed me to IM Yar. It was during my time there that I realised the only reason I logged on to SL was to “see” Yar.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed talking with all my friends, but I was neglecting RL responsibilities and it was mostly due to missing Yar.

At any rate, I should probably tell you why I was at Hotel California or why I think I was locked up at Hotel California.  I was sitting on the patio at SH and was most likely bored and someone said something about Godzilla the movie. The thought occured to me that “goddess” (leader of the Brat Pack) walked around like she owned SL crushing all the little people who may get in her way, so I came up with the name BRATzilla. Believe it or not, I meant it in an affectionate, yet bratty, kind of way. I never said it to her face, but word gets around fast and eventually I ended up at Hotel California.  I also think that Miss Dio and Jen just wanted to get to know me better.

Even though Jen and Miss Dio weren’t necessarily there with me the whole time, I didn’t go crazy out of boredom. I think I entertained myself by harassing my friends in IM when I wasn’t blocked.

Overall, the expereince was a good one. I really got to know Miss Dio and Jen better. I also got to know Fae a little bit better. I was mostly impressed by their love for one another. I love you guys!


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5 Responses to Miss Dio and Jen

  1. Diomita says:

    Thank you for your nice words. Particulary looking back I enjoyed having you at our hotel, Rayn. I enjoyed your brattiness and reluctance – although we had a fight (you certainly remember) but only once and you got punished for it. Awwwwwwww, Jen and my miss you, slut 🙂

  2. raynhalfpint says:

    Ummm…I chose to block out that entire incident.

  3. jen says:

    Like my Mistress Diomita
    We enjoyed getting to know you and you have left a big hole in SL. When you do feel that the time is right for another visit don’t forget to say hello to us and I wish you all the best in what ever you do.
    We almost had Uberbrat one time and we will get her some time soon for you. 🙂
    Take care

  4. raynhalfpint says:


  5. Oh you mean BRATzilla!!!

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