Shuggi and Illy

Ilandere and Shuggi were married not long after Yar and I. Like us, their love for one another seems to be genuine and their light shines on everyone around them. I first met Shuggi before she became a Brat. Yes, Shuggi and Illy were both owned by Yasmin (who hasn’t at some point been owned by Yasmin? Oh wait, I haven’t *grins*) Anyway, I think Yar was trying to hire Shuggi to kidnap Yasmin when I met her but I can neither confirm nor deny that. I became close to Illy when she was going through her trial because at that time Lady Tey had me locked up in the capsule in the same room as Illy.  I was not as nice to Illy as I should have been and distanced myself form her when I learned she knew where I lived in RL within the first few days of her trial. She probably did not care and I should not have either.  I am not going to disclose how she found out for two reasons: first, I don’t want you to know where I live and two, it is not important to this blog, and third it involves another family member. At any rate, I was paranoid and did not want her to learn any more about me. I was silly and worse of all I missed out on an opportunity to get to know her better.

I really do miss these two very much. When they left the Brat Pack I was very sad. I did not ask why they left when it happened, but it hurt me to see them go regardless of the reasons. I love them both and hope that they have a wonderful SL together. If you two read this: I am sorry I did not say good bye and I am mostly sorry I did not tell you before now how much you meant to me.


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5 Responses to Shuggi and Illy

  1. yartelling says:

    Lol hire someone to Kidnappe Goddess? would I do that? of course not. and I can honistly say I Yar Telling never hired anyone to Kiddnapp Goddess.

  2. raynhalfpint says:

    Do you really want me to answer that?

  3. Yasmin Heartsdale says:

    I too am tossing out the BS flag.

  4. Seems like every time I turned around you had a new plot going to kidnap Yasmin. “This will get her out of our hair,” you claimed. Were you ever successful at this hun?

  5. yartelling says:

    errrrmmm as I said I me yar Telling can honstly say I YAR telling have never to this date hired anyone to kidnapp Goddess..Yar tellings hands are clean…gulps…

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