The desk

This is just a short interruption to my interruption of my story line. If you have been keeping up with my blogs or reading them in the order they were meant, I was describing my SL in chronological order until I interrupted it to talk about my friends. Now I am interrupting my interruption to talk about a very humorous incident that involves me, a desk and a very red behind.

I don’t recall the incident that lead up to this, but most likely it was due to me being bratty. I am in Yasmin’s office bent over her desk, while Yar and another Brat (can’t recall which one) are in the bent over position elsewhere in the office.¬† Yasmin pulled out a big, black paddle and drawing it back begins smacking me hard on the ass and asking me, “Who owns you.” Being dumb and taking her literally, I answered in a whimper, “Fawn does.” She repeatedly asked me who owned me and was getting angrier by the minute. Finally, she asks me who owns Fawn? I answered her “You do.” SHe then asked me who kidnapped me and gave me to Fawn. Again I answered “You did.” Finally ater probably 100 strokes, she asks me one last time, “who owns you?” and a lightbulb went off in my head as I yell….”YOU DO!”

This was one of many times in SL I literally had a blonde moment and felt like the dumbest blonde in SL.


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