A Nice Surprise

There are rare occassions when the SL stars align and I get to have a very relaxing and peaceful and worryfree Sl experience. Last night was one of those nights. Sometimes it is nice to have a friend who does not pressure you in any way. There are no expectations, no strings, and you feel like you can say anything to them and vice versa. This friend can and has told me to buzz off and I could never be offended. With this person you feel free to be yourself around them no matter what. And if the stars align appropriately on a few rare occassions, you get to have a nice quiet evening with them. Last night was one of those occassions. I do not need to mention that person’s name here because I have blogged about her before and this treasure knows who she is.

Unfortuantely, it is rare that I actually get to see her, and even rarer that she asks to come visit me. I have kind of been a homebody as of late. I do not really wish to get out and explore Sl much, so I guess my “punishment” of being resetricted to our home sim right now really is not a punishment at all. (Yeah I know…big suprise Rayn got into trouble…AGAIN!!! Shush that is not what this post is about. :P) Why would you need to explore, if you have wonderful friends like mine who come and visit.

At any rate, I was suppose to spend time with my wife last night but things came up and she didn’t make it, and do to the restriction, I could not go to her. This left open the opportunity to spend some nice quiet time with one of my dearest friends. Later in the evening some of her sisters (and again some of my dearest friends in SL) tp’d in and we had an enjoyable time together. But the time I treasured the most was that one on one time we spent just cuddling and talking. We talked about some deep stuff and some superficial stuff. Mostly, I think I had just been craving that one on one time with her for a long time and did not even know it.

To my friend, my treasure: I love you and am so happy to have you as my friend. Do not ever change! And what we talked about last night…I am so glad too!!!


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Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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