JC & Nic; Juju & Kenny

JC & Nic/ Kenny & Juju

Every now and then you come across people or couples that you get along with and can be friends with. If you are lucky, you meet a couple who you instantly become very close to and could be your exact twins. Yar and me were fortunate enough to have found such friends. I have been meaning to write about these two for a long time. From the moment these two came into my SL, I have felt we were kindred spirits. JC and Nic’s relationship mirrors my relationship with Yar. It is no wonder we quickly became friends. From the moment I met them, I was amazed by their bond in both SL and RL. ALthough every relationship has its peaks and valleys they have come through them with their bond and their love stronger than ever. Perhaps JC and Nic are the children Yar and I never wanted. I am only teasing. We both love you very much! MUUUAHH!!!

Kenny and Juju

My darling, loving sisters: You came into my SL and it has never been the same. I adore watching you two interact. I especially love the way Kenny drags a sleeping Juju around by the leash simply because she wants to be with her even when she is asleep. That is true love! I love to watch you tuck Juju into bed at night, dressing her in her PJ’s and tucking her in so she is as snug as a bug in a rug. Your love for one another makes those around you want to love each other more.

Words fail to express how grateful I am to have these two lovely couples in my second life.


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