There is a season for everything….

This post is for all my friends. I doubt that I can find the appropriate words to describe how I feel or to explain why I have chosen the steps I have taken and will continue to take to move forward with my SL.

First of all I have trimmed my friends list down to only those I know care about me. If you are no longer on my friends list I hope you do not take it personally. For my own sanity I have decided to choose my friends more judiciously. I am not seeking to hurt anyone and I truly hope those I have removed will understand.

Next, I have asked Mistress to take control of my online time especially my evenings. If you see me on less, you will know why.

Finally, if you know me well you know I am going through a difficult time. While I appreciate your compassion i really do not want to talk about certain things yet. I can’t just get over it so don’t expect me to. You want me to be happy again well guess what so do I! Please be patient. Time heals all wounds! If I feel like talking I will. Please consider the fact that I am basically beginning again to discover sl and to figure out who Rayn is. I have been a certain person or part of someone else or a group of people for so long. It is time for me to be just me.


About raynhalfpint

Webster's defines addiction as "surrendering oneself to something obsessively or habitually."
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One Response to There is a season for everything….

  1. Reach out when you need to or are ready to. Take good care of yourself.

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