My name is Rayn Halfpint and as my secondlife (SL) profile states I am/was a bi switch. In Real Life (RL) I am a straight vanilla kind of girl. I am your typical wife and mother. Not really anything special about me except maybe being the first person to break the SL addiction. Nah!


5 Responses to RaynBrat

  1. Samatha congrejo says:

    What Sam meant is in parenthesis:

    I will not even bother to reply to yasmin’s ranting (in other words she was right and I was wrong), but you hun i will (I’ll use your blog to be mean and hateful).

    We all miss you and are not glad you left Second Life. (I am just throwing that in there to make it seem like I am a good person).

    As for what happened with Yar and the Club, you can thank Yasmin for that, her orders caused yar to be removed from the club. (I would rather blame Yasmin than fess up that I am an evil B1+^&).

    As for stealing, well i will not even bother to reply to her rantings. (Again I was wrong and she was right). She is a childish gilr that does not liek ti when she does not get ehr own way. (Just like me!) So she makes up stuff. (When the truth someone else speaks hurts, I call it a lie)

    Her No Drama sign should read ” NO drama unless i start it” (After all I should know since I am the DRAMAQUEEN).

    Love you and hope you and yur family are doing well!@!!! (I can pretend to care can’t I).

  2. It is so nice of Sam to admit her faults!

  3. yartelling says:

    Giggles no comment

  4. Yasmin Heartsdale says:

    I don’t recall ever ranting about Sam in my blog. Does anyone see her name in my blog? There is someone that committed some very serious offenses that I never address by name. Does this mean that Sam admits to having the qualities of that person? Perhaps she doeth protest too much?

  5. raynhalfpint says:

    If the shoe fits….

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