The Boy Who Cried Wolf

I’ve been having trouble with a certain boy and truthfulness.  I think I will require him to memorize this poem as I did when I was a child.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

An Aesop fable adapted by Louis Untermeyer

A boy employed to guard the sheep
Despised his work. He liked to sleep.
And when a lamb was lost he’d shout
“Wolf! Wolf! The wolves are all about.”

The neighbors searched from noon ‘til nine
But of the beast there was no sign
Yet “Wolf!” cried the boy the next morning when
The villagers came out again.

One Evening around 6 o’ clock,
A real wolf fell upon the flock.
“Wolf!” cried the boy.” A wolf indeed.”
But no one paid him any heed.

Although he screamed to wake the dead,
“He’s fooled us every time.” They said.
And let the hungry wolf enjoy
His feast of mutton, lamb and boy.

The moral is this:
A man who is wise,
Does not defend himself with lies.
Liars are not believed forsooth,
Even when liars tell the truth.


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